1. I’ll miss the “holiday sunshine”!

  2. This is one of the walls of my room!

  3. Exploring Moldova, Romania.
    I’ve just visited Moldova, Romania. It was amazing. I’ve visited places like the Red Lake,the Piatra Neamt city, the Sovata resort and the Bicaz Lake.
    I’ve taken a lot of photos. These are photos with the Bicaz Lake. I haven’t liked it. There was a lot of waste. The people mustn’t litter! We should protect the nature, right?
    I’ll post more photos which you’ll like.

  4. Flowers



  6. Hi!

    1. Bye!

  7. "My real friends are the photos ,the music and…..and THE HOT CHOCOLATE :))"
  8. Coffee,Shopping…and MUSIC!!!


  10. Snowman!!!